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Lara Laughlin Tolchin

Freelance Graphic Designer

 Atlanta, Georgia

Providing services in Logo Design, Brand Identity, Print + Digital Layout, and Website Design to individuals, small businesses and non-profits.


The world is always changing, ever evolving. It has high moments and low moments - everything ebbs and flows, just like the ocean tides.  


Where is your company or organization in this tidal cycle? Are you rising up with the incoming tide and need to create a new identity + design? Or maybe feeling like the waters are receding, needing a design refresh?  Let me help you!


I work with individuals, small businesses and non-profits.  I would love to help you achieve your goals through logo creation, brand identity development, or digital/print marketing design.  Every project is unique and each client receives the focus and level of excellence they deserve.


Define who you are by the use of logo design, colors and typography.

Print Design

Stand out in a crowd with well-designed brochure, flyer, catalog, or magazine ad.

Web Design

Create a website to tell the story, purpose or cause of your organization.

Problem Solving

Figure out solutions to obstacles, helping your organization achieve success.

Past Projects

For details and more project photos, please visit my Portfolio page:

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ebb + flow

/eb + flō/  noun

1. reference to the regular movement of the tides, where ebb means to move away from the land and flow means to move back towards the a.

2.  a recurrent or rhythmical pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth.

(ebb and flow (n.d.) Farlex Dictionary of Idioms, 2015)

My Clients

Meet a few of my current and past clients

Ready to Dive In?

Reach out and get in touch, I'd love to collaborate and create something special.

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